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Aug 2012
I walked halfway to everywhere
Just to to forget about the world
I emptied a shower of the sea
To earn the night at your oasis.

The drum and mandolin playing ceases, opaque silk
I had no wish to I interrupt you
As you locked your doubts in the attic.
Your rich body,  I miss caressing.

Cloaked in clarity
Makes it easy for us to see them
We will never smash the stained glass window
To repair the effect of my face.
Full conciliations hold true relevance
In the harsh front field.
Love is a labor of misfortunes and pleasures
You found the cards, and you know how to play

Certainly I will never be anything more than a poet
Certainty made me save my pen
Certainty recreates, with blissful satisfaction
There is no need of a more perfect description.
Senor Negativo
Written by
Senor Negativo
   Robert Guerrero, --- and ---
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