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Nov 2017
I stand tall on a pillar of bones
And I look towards the sky
As magnificent wings tear open my back
Emerging from my spine
The splendour of these white feathers
That I have been gifted for my efforts
I will cherish them greatly
For they are my new pride and joy

I spread my wings and look down
These bones I stand proudly on
The lives I've sacrificed for my lord
I did everything I had to for this gift
I have slaughtered my enemies
I have slaughtered my friends
I have even slaughtered my family
All for the glory of my lord

I have assembled this tower of bones
So I can become closer to my lord
So I can bask in his grace
So I too can become a god
To swim through the skies
And be free of the horrors of down below
No sacrifice was too great for this moment
I have finally broken free

I throw my body off of my pillar
With my wings spread, I glide
I soar through the skies with pride
I flap my wings and begin to ascend
But I notice that my wings start to feel heavy
They start to grow stiff
My wings are turning to stone...
My wings are turning to stone!

Please, my lord, why is this happening!?
I did everything for you!
I gave you my entire life!
Please, please, please, let me fly!
I don't want to fall!
I don't want to fall!
I don't want to fall!
I don't want to...

Regardless of my begging
I plummet towards the ground
Engulfed in a ball of flames
I am an angel of stone
Sent down to the ground so soft
My impact will bring holy fire
I am the divine intervention
To bring an end to those who walk the same path I did.
Written by
       Vyiirt'aan, Xallan, Zkulblakazz, Linkuya, Vulpes and 1 other
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