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Nov 2017
I dreamed a class of history
When I was riding on my bike.

A giant man was tussling a fierce lion
The one wins, eats the other-
Shortest tale of Darwin's theory;
The one fits, survives.

Group of men killing the other under the crowns of kings
Winning flag slaves the losing flag
Dirtiest game of thrones;
The one wins, rules.

I winked-
Emaciated begging hands are stretched along the roads
On which I have been travelling;
I have been riding over corpses of people starved to death.

I am scared now:
What kinda dream my daughter gets
About me and about us?
Are you too scared, now?
I tried to tell that we are not lesser the than people who warred and killed other people. Our war is a form of CLASS. This a Class Struggle. I think, our next generation will think the same way as we are thinking about our predecessors.
Surya Teja M
Written by
Surya Teja M  24/M/Hyderabad, India
(24/M/Hyderabad, India)   
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