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Nov 2017
Certain parts of me, you cannot unlock
It's these scars and memories I tend to block
You chose me to be your part
To take away the pain from your heart
The love you pour out of your soul
Is one of your unintentional future goal
I, on the otherhand, is an open book
Few chapters you read, with tears, away you look
Hard times we both have faced
Each time a struggle, a case just paced
Now that the terms and conditions being laid out
It's up to you to think about
Life in a second is not easy to move
Most times it's way another we prove
To stay together and try to work
Love comes second, with a lot of talk
Understanding is first and so is trying
Sometimes its worth a go then spend time crying
Lots to learn and much to give
It's a handshake to move on and to live
Soon the unlock parts would rust
With residual memories becoming merely a dust
Hope in a new life is a must for both
With love and promises, now we seal this oath...

Fictional write.
Written by
Seema  F/Fiji Islands
(F/Fiji Islands)   
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