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Nov 2017
You act as if you're the hurt one, as if he broke your heart and not mine.
You act as though you love him more than your own kid.
I can't ******* believe you.
I can't believe I ever did.

You act as if I'm always to blame, as if I'm just a mistake.
You act as though you want me, but never want to see me again.
Why did I ever love you?
When all you are is toxic.

You act as if I **** your life up, as if it's all because of me.
You act as though you hate me, when you contradict it with "I don't."
Should I believe you?
When whatever comes out of your mouth hurts me?

You all act as though I'm a mistake, like I'm only good for ******* up your lives.
So tell me one thing; Is that all true?
To the three people that have made me feel the best, and the worst in my life. Two of you will never read this, one of you definitely will. I hope you all now realize just what you've done to hurt me. Thank you
Olivia Christine
Written by
Olivia Christine  17/F/VT
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