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Nov 2017
unknowingly i walked beside it,
a beast wearing a man's wry smile -
hiding its intent to ensnare me

my voice (not yet unwavering) echoed freely;
the night air was cool upon my skin
and the moon shone gently above the sea

in the darkness it plotted and lured me
to a high place, frenzied in its desire
to scorch my very being with its perverse heat

when it overpowered me, darkness
flourished and decay bound me,
taunting my body's paralysisΒ Β 

my screams silenced by its brutality,
the path was visible no longer to me
and i felt nothing

echoes from this chamber
palpitating with cold dread
at times i wanted breath to cease

days later, i emerged, as if from a fog,
a creature hardly recognizable
even to myself

out of the stillness,
strength returned to me
and i welcomed it like an old friend

the beast took from me
that which was never meant for it;
a temple was left defiled, in ruin

unbeknownst to it,
that which it thought it destroyed
i am no longer bound to
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