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Nov 2017
The words in his head came out clean but would not come out of his mouth. He spoke the truth but his words made others think the worse. They would twist them making him out to be the bad guy. They had no respect or regard for his feelings sick of the being the bad guy when they did way worse. He could call check up on them but they would ignore his text and his calls. But when they needed something they would call and expect him to drop what he was doing. It angered him he was treated unfair but they could care less their selfish deeds and needs came first. Always looking in but never a part or accepted. He wanted to let them know but they'd never change so he won't waste his breath find his own way to express his feelings and emotions his words each page filled with ink or each blog gave him freedom from anxiety and look at these feels cope and move on. The silence within from outside factors don't matter break away in the mind a home is where he loves to stay his place to go away share not worried to be judged anyway
Infamous one
Written by
Infamous one
     Rick the shoe shine boy and Cheryl
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