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Nov 2017
I am the blood of Abel
That cried out to God
From the ground.
Once there was a time
When Abel was living
And able to speak on his own behalf.
That day Abel had to give an offering
To God
Cain, my brother did this
But what he did to me was not familial

Also had to give an offering to our God.
But Cain always seemed angry at God.
He told me one time that God did not love him.
I said that he was being foolish.
God loves us all.
That is why He wants to talk to us.
Cain said, Do I have to talk to God.
I would rather talk to the serpent
At least he fed Mom and Dad.
I was horrified and left.
I never met the serpent.
But he was the reason Mom and Dad
Could no longer stay in the garden
I wondered if Cain had talked to the serpent
But I did not dare ask

I took the finest animals for the sacrifice.
Just like Dad told me to.
Just as Dad taught me to.
I wanted to see the favor of God.
Because I knew one day the Promise would come.
It took time and effort.
The animals were heavy and soaked.
But as last I had the animals ready
For the sacrifice.
Dad would be so proud if he was here.

Cain had his sacrifice ready too.
But it looked, wrong.
That was not the way God said
Or the way Dad taught us.
I hoped God would accept it.
Cain looked with a smirk on his face.
And said that this was the new way to sacrifice.
God looked on my sacrifice with a smile on his face.
I felt blessed.
But with Cain’s sacrifice
I saw a look I had not seen before.
It looked the way Mom said God looked
When he caught them eating the forbidden fruit.
I felt sorry for Cain.
Cain did not look sorry for himself.
Cain walked out angry.
I wanted to chase after him
But I thought better of it
This is best left as a conversation between God and Cain

Later, Cain told me to come, come.
He had a sense of urgency in his voice.
I rushed over.
I saw Cain with a rock in his hands
He held it with two hands
But there was no sacrifice
He came toward me
And raised the rock
I shouted, Cain!
Then I began to speak from the ground.
On this ground they call it ******
And God is my witness.
Written by
Michael Kusi  28/M
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