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Nov 2017
Imagine you're locked in a room. It's pitch black... You can't see anything... But you can feel the presence of something there with you... An unknown presence... That's how I feel

Imagine you're sinking to the bottom of the ocean... Gasping for air but only taking in the salty sea water. You're screaming and thrashing around hoping someone will notice you... But you just keep sinking farther and farther into the big blue unknown... That's how I feel

Imagine you're standing on a cliff... Below you is a dark and never-ending abyss. Behind you stands some stranger with his hand on your back... You're too scared to turn around and you're too scared to jump... You're just waiting for the push that could come at any moment... That's how I feel

Imagine you're on a plane that's falling out of the sky... You're stuck, trapped by the seat belt. You can't do anything but sit there and wait for the crash... That's how I feel
Written by
Vallery  20/F/Texas
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