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Nov 2017
He took my happiness because I held it out for him like his favorite candy
I let him steal my smile and I let him take my love without asking for him to return it
Like a book you forgot to return you don't notice
Overdue and reread to the point of brittle pages and dog eared corners
I can only repeat myself so many times before I sound like a broken record
Annoying and loud skipping and skipping like stones on a lake
I gave him everything and he took and he took and he took until I was as empty as his gas tank
He filled up on my smile and he filled up on my happiness.
He just kept on taking.
He stole my confidence and he feasted on my good intentions
He took my comfort and tore at my sense of security
Quick to anger men scare me
They scare me like walking to my car alone after working late.
They scare me like I'm constantly on guard, playing defense
The anger rises in you like you rise to the occasion
I refuse to be scared into silence.
I refuse to let you control me like characters in your favorite game.
I refuse to stay.
You will not hold me captive in this sham you call love.
Written by
Brokewench  26/F
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