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Nov 2017
Fingers dance to unheard song
Of melodies lost for so long
Like amber flowers never grown
A painting that was never drawn
Of hills - of grass - a blooming rose
Riddled with thorns it never chose
To hold back all that you have done
And keep its world of beauty sound
And reach another world of light
Unite these worlds in every night
Carry its beauty through this crack
To paint the dreams in midnight's black
And drown them in the ocean's blue
The sea that every creature knew
Swimming along the stream of time
Downhill thinking that love will thrive
Within this darkest night we're in
That nourishes this paper-thin
Weak hope that every man held dear
And suffocated in his fear
Yet we still find a place to rest
Peacefully like in nature's chest
To close this ring we walk along
And write down all these unheard songs.
These are messy thoughts that were inspired by Nightsung's piano.
Written by
       meanwhile, Zkulblakazz, Toriana and Vyiirt'aan
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