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Nov 2017
Weeping Willow.
Why must you cry?
For with every season, changing,
a part of you must die.
One cannot keep blowing around the same leaves,
as you did when you were a younger bark.
Remember when you were the only tree here,
before they built this park?
Life cycles and stages to evolve,
we all must adapt.
For something to grow beautifully,
we must accept that.
We are built to be strong,
and light up this place.
No need to rush things,
swiftly move with grace.
Feel the wild, warm, breeze, on the summer days,
the calm, resting, quite, from winters embrace.
The birds who once nested,
high in your trees,
also move on to raise their own families.
The flowers that die, bloom again next year,
for a brighter shade next time,
fields of rainbows will appear.
All the animals and bugs,
go into a deep stage of sleep,
A time of reflection and balance to keep.
For when they all wake,
a new age they have reached,
a second chance to live,
and learn, and to teach.
Someday when you are just a stump here,
all you have nurtured will flourish, my dear,
all that you created, cared for and loved,
will thrive on long after, your time here is done.
So love while your here,
and have faith for when your gone,
that you did your best,
to help this place carry on!
Written by
Bellvadear  27/F/oklahoma
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