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Nov 2017
Her chants
dark and just
her voice
heavy and unheard
her strength
delicate but firm
her intent
illegal but valid
her brew
scented and light
she is calling out to
power and nature
in her dark lair.

She speaks native
with intricate melody
hand gesture
like a fiery dance
her movements precise
adding each elements
with fine cuts
preparing a concoction
in dark and fire
undisturbed and neat
she wore no fancy
nothing witchy
not a pointy hat
or that broom you'd think
no evil smirk
no mad cackle

she shakes the atmosphere
temperature goes north
earth trembles
things feel the wave
as this ritual
reaches a completion
she adds the last of
remaining ingredient
with the last mantra
she completes with thunder
and the cloud bursts
with white light
clearing the skies
so blinding energy
spreads over.

Written by
Nylee  24/F/in a body and mind.
(24/F/in a body and mind.)   
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