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Nov 2017
wisdom states: it's not a question of belief, or unbelief, and this is where islam is: simply wrong; islam does not accommodate a fear... there is no arabian nightmare in store... there's too much audacity at play... theism or atheism pays no due to what is actually at store: a fear of god implies that it is rational, since a belief or an unbelief in god is a feeding ground for phobias, irrational fears... there is but one rational fear: that of god, manically because phobias are intermingled with a belief in a "irrational" being; what is truer though, is to have but one rational fear, and a set of irrational beliefs that can be rationalised and overcome... this is how wisdom is stated: the audacity to slander god is no proof of authentic disbelief, for it is no proof of authentic loss of fear, in a scenario of being tortured, murdered and the whole rainbow of sadomasochism; is it?!*

prior to my fear of god,
i came across the fear that:
psychopaths have no
remorse... as the populists
claim, or how
neuroscience reinforces
as true...
but then i mind the essential
universal law of
unit formation...
  and i lessen the fear of
psychopaths acquiring no
sensation of remorse,
under the thespian mask
   of the crux: the pathology of
lies -
to be double exact:
    rather than the pathological
     the psychephobia -
the phobia of possessing a soul.
Mateuš Conrad
Written by
Mateuš Conrad  34/M/Essex (England)
(34/M/Essex (England))   
   Kam and Mote
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