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Nov 2017
Death’s Dictator Rendered

   Countries and leaders

    They coexist in a paradox of “one needs another.”

     Power is alike a potent drink

     To power’s heads, such intoxicates and corrupts a brother.

    Shielding one self through words that justify a blood bath

     Words handed over

     to the trusting populations……

     in order to capture a ticket to power’s seat

     with such, promises and trustful actions never do they meet….

    A push of a button….

     A jab with a verbal knife…..

     Strikes another nation.

     Through corruptions and anger

     derived from ill faded and egocentric power bursts…

      Destruction rains over

     those that they consider a “rival”.

       Walls cutting off roads  

      to the needless spread of targeting those  “others”

      defined as  the obstruction to  their greedy targets of expression

      of joyful power intoxication through war and money absorbing actions.

      in which a job…

       people are recruited from the populous.

      Whom  the dictator  loves to employ…

       Soldiers in their “war to their just cause”

       the population is brainwashed to oblivion.

      Without a true view of who and what they are fighting for….

      until the world is shaken and almost rendered “extinct.”

      Through these pig headed wars….

      A show of strength…..

       to hide their weaknesses…

      the purge of adversaries…..    

      ensures their hold to their sword of power.

      As memories of those fallen

      on their forgotten grave sites….


      who remembers a forgotten and misunderstood heart….

       on their tombstone…

they place upon it a beautiful flower.
Kevin Michael Kappler
Written by
Kevin Michael Kappler  Illinois
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