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Nov 2017
Label the worldly desires merely a necessity
Live the purpose, just float above this sin city
Sparks of the coils attract into their electricity
Here lies all sadness, it's nothing a felicity

Forces the other coils into mutual inductance
Draws closer if not expressed reluctance
Easy is to fall down when the body's dense
Dodge hazardous wires and move, hence

Consume the meat of their fashion raw
Sharpen the focus, copy their fierce claw
Effective becomes spreading embodying the law
Judge not others, first clear up your flaw

Scrape the soul into a clothing translucent
Devilish whispers dissolved by 70 percent
Introduce oxygen and begin your ascent
Fumes off such reactions diffuse a smell pleasant

Preserves the body, such that as formaldehyde
When the soulless is buried, just to hide
Acts out instructions in his four day ride
Or at least for the acceptance once had tried

Faith feeds through placenta of the heart
Birth, a destined process, transformation a start!
Written by
         TD, AP, ---, Jody, Pagan Paul and 31 others
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