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Jul 2012
So i now realise that its 4:03 in the morning, and im not suffering in the slightest.
So many thoughts are racing through my head.
Maybe i shouldnt of drank that much.
Maybe i shouldnt of smoked that ****.
Im 15 for christs sakes.
If i was seeing other girls doing this idiotic ****, i'd be looking down of them so far, i'd be peering into their souls, and their excuses for doing the inhuman things they do.
I dont have an excuse.
I do things for the hell of it.
Simply because it blocks out all the jocks, indies, nerds, and everyone inbetween.
**** it, i'll run away.
Please run away with me.
****, i must be delusional.
It is 4:10 after all.
Little Wing
Written by
Little Wing
   Marci Ace and Weeping willow
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