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Nov 2017
It's early yet,
the month is one
You can't see me,
I've just begun
I'm so small,
I don't have to hide
I'm just a tiny seed inside

Four weeks later,
the month is two
I'm still small but,
a part of you
Mommy you'll love me,
wait & see
I'll make you so proud of me

Time is passing,
the month is three
Now someone can see me!
My hair will be brown,
my eyes blue
Mommy is gonna love having me too

It's getting late,
the month is five
Mommy just killed me,
I'm no longer alive
Abortion is the name you give it
It takes your life before you can live it

I want to be born,
the month is six
It's already done and can't be fixed
Mommy didn't love me,
she threw me away
Shell never forget me,
in her mind I'll stay

I've got a new home,
the month is seven
I'm not with my mommy,
now I'm in heaven
I would have been beautiful,
but now I'm gone
Only a memory left to carry on

If I were around,
the month would be eight
Mommy would have loved me
but now it's too late

Goodbye mommy,
the month is nine
I could have been born,
it would have been fine
Though I'm in heaven,
I often still cry

Mommy, why did you make me die?
I know this is a controversial topic, but please no negative feedback. Not everyone agrees on this topic, and.. That's OK. Not everyone has to.
Laura Kicielinski
Written by
Laura Kicielinski  41/F/Ohio
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