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Nov 2017
Walking down the street after clubbing
I see you, and you say some
particularly nasty things.

Your barbs, dressed as compliments
attempt to bring me down
after I've had so much fun
partying through the town.

But today of all days, I'm feeling good.
Let's talk.

Surprised, you lean back a bit in fear,
and as you balk
I say...

"Listen to me
you partially evolved orangutan.

If you ever so much as breathe in my direction,
I will bury my five inch heels down your *******
through your uretha, up through your *****
and make our encounter a brief vasectomy.
Afterwards I would perform a laminectomy
if it wasn't for the fact that you never had a spine to begin with.

I will rewrite your entire digestive system
from the inside out
to make you live up to the fact that all you do
is talk ****.

And after I've so broken your ego
to the extent that I gently lick your tears from your face
my amigo,
I will walk away as you are reduced to a puddle of slime,
you sentient pile of ******."

You break down and cry,
and with a smile so wry,
I walk away satisfied.
I stride with fire.
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