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Nov 2017
There is this girl(me)who writes poems and quotes, but they are deep, strong and tear dropping,
She writes about how she is treated so wrongfully, while all the other girls are treated like angels,
But that is ok because she sees that they’re rotting,
She sees that one day those same girls are going to be worn out and old,
She hears things a sweet girl should have never been told,
“I’m going to better than them than I already am when I’m grown”,
She clench her fists every time she see another girl getting called pretty when she never gets called pretty,
“Am I ugly?” The girl ask her mom, “Liyah, you are so caught up in what you look like, you’re not ugly. People just don’t see the beauty in you, but I do” said her mom,
“Why did you ask?” Asked her mom,
“Because I see how other girls are getting called pretty and I don’t. I get called ugly.”
Her mom replied “Liyah, you’re beautiful in my eyes and half those girls are going to be fat and ugly when they get in their late 20’s and you’re going to look like Beyoncé”. “Really?” Asked the girl,
“Yes really. I mean look at you now, you’re not pretty, you’re beautiful and you will be more beautiful when you get older, and you’ll see”
The girl nodded her head “I guess”
“Liyah, don’t let this conversation lead to more stress” laughed her mom.
I have to hear that I’m beautiful.
Written by
AaliyahGisele  20/F/Tuskegee
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