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Oct 2017
DAD... DAd... Dad... .... ... dad.
It's cold out here.
Please just let me in,
Even if it's for a second.
Dad, please... why is the door locked?
Why won't you let me in?
I know you're there, with her.
I don't want to be out here.... Please.

DAd... Dad... ....
It's dark out here
Please don't go to far,
Stay near me!
This started off as fun but not anymore
Please don't leave us out here,
The words are no place for children...
Now she's crying, please don't leave!?!

Dad... ....
You no longer come and get us,
I didn't want to go back anyway.
But no explanation, no reason why.
You hit us, swore, let him hurt us badly,
Why? That's all I ask.
I see you've got a new family now,
You treat that little girl so well...
What make sure her so special?

... ....
I'm eleven years old and you stood there like a coward,
I spoke my mind, the truth.
Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I shouldn't have a voice!
You and your dad told me I was worthless, a failure, a *****
You crushed me that day, tore away my confidence...
A man who was supposed to love, never loved me at all...
Michaela Ferris
Written by
Michaela Ferris  F
       Shadowhollow, Xallan, Shahnaz, Han Jiyu, Sam and 9 others
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