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Oct 2017
Why do you call them ugly
Why do you put them down
Why does nobody help
Why does no one make a sound

Why do you think you can judge them
Why do you sneer at them in the hall
Why do you treat them so cruelly
When you don't know them at all

Why do you spread rumors
When you know they are not true
Why don't you ever think about
How you would hate it if it were you

Why are you too ignorant
To care how you make them feel
Why are you a heartless thief
Why is it their happiness you steal

Why must you behave this way
You strike others down to build yourself up
Why can't you find other outlets
Why does sadism fill your cup

Why must you take your pain out on others
Why must you hurt people to feel good
Why don't you turn the other cheek
If you opened your eyes you could

Why can't you see their epitaph
And know you'll have no one but yourself to blame
Why don't you realize your wrongdoing
Before it is too late

Why do you think you're untouchable
You don't predict reprisal from those you are nasty toward
I really hope you change your ways
For being a bully will have its just rewards
Written by
Jae  19/F
     Unknown and ekta
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