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Oct 2017
I am a girl
                                     Like a flowing river                                      
Sometimes laminar,
Sometimes turbulent

I am a girl
Like a flowing river
Sometimes cold,
Sometimes warm

Someone spits,
Someone ***** on me
Someone dilutes,
Someone pollutes me
But, you can’t question me the level of my purity

Someone  loves,
Someone prays me
Someone respects,
Someone wishes me
All I do for them is keeping my flow divine  
My birth and my death
Reflect my serenity
The rest of my life
Reflects your entity
So, you don’t have a right to question me
I am a girl
Like a flowing river.
Dedicated to women. This is not to judge or comment any girl or woman
Surya Teja M
Written by
Surya Teja M  24/M/Hyderabad, India
(24/M/Hyderabad, India)   
   Xallan and A Purple Moon
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