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Oct 2017
In the name of your love,
In the sense of your touch,
In the feel of your breath
I'm going…
I’m going alone.

Far away from the woods,
Far away from the roads
To the brink of this world
To jump into my own world.
I’m going…
I’m going alone.  

Hate is must in this world
Starving to death is so common
Marketing is a hobby, and
Deception is an art
I can’t hate, I can’t cheat
I won’t market my labor
I won’t business my art
I won’t sell my heart, and
I won’t invest my mind, so
I’m going…
I’m going alone.  

Painful to stride on thorns,
Awful to ride all nights
Still I love to go
To the world where
I wish to grow.
I’m going…
I’m going alone.

My world is full of love
I wish you to come
I know you can’t live there
Like a delicate bird in cage.
Every look harms you,
Every touch hurts you,
Every word breaks you
Every memory ****** you, still
I don’t know why you’re there?
I stretch my hand
To make a bond.
I’m waiting…
I’m waiting alone.
This is an appeal to create and live in a better place
Surya Teja M
Written by
Surya Teja M  24/M/Hyderabad, India
(24/M/Hyderabad, India)   
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