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Oct 2017
They're the men and women
Of a nation that's grand
Having the freedom to travel
Anywhere in the land

They often support
A different party of choice
Yet, faced with injustice
They'll protest with one voice

They disdain acts of racism
And preachers of hate
Their leaders never regard them
As wards of each state

They're quick to defend
Any cause that is just
They don't fear police,
But see them as ones to trust

They seek and find justice
In a court that's supreme
Their great 'Bill Of Rights'
Was their forefathers dream

They stand ready to serve
If their country need call
Even willing to die
To assure it won't fall

Many cultures and colors
And religions you'll find
Have been joined as 'one people'
And agree as 'one mind'

That they'll pledge to allegiance
And do all that they can
To preserve the greatest country
Founded on freedom for man.

These Are Americans
This was written for a high school project, the assignment was to create a poem on something you believe strongly in. This is how I saw Americans back in the 90s.
Laura Kicielinski
Written by
Laura Kicielinski  41/F/Ohio
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