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Oct 2017
Every time you rhyme
everything sounds the same
but when I rap exact
I find it a bit inane
so you'll find in my lines
that the sound has changed
inside your mind I'm spreading a taint
with a sound so new you get inundated
with thoughts so ******* that yours get faded.
Rap is a game and this is how I play it
chew the brain food
this the way I cater
pursue the obtuse
so I form my cadence
eschew the assumed
treat the invaders
like they’re your neighbours
accommodate new thoughts
until they sound the same as
Can be interpreted to be about tolerance, for the rhymes that don't perfectly conform, and draws parallels to tolerating new cultures to create "a new sound" or in other words, live harmoniously. Also Slant eyes is a slant rhyme with slant rhymes, which the poem is full of. I'm sorry I'm quite cheesy and naive.
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