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Oct 2017
My love for you
It's hideous
You are an angel from above
I'm the devil from below

You never would've notice me
And probably never should
But you see I'm as greedy as the devil
I will want more than given

You who are the light
Is bright for me in the dark
I wish for you to love me
And be able to be your equal

But I should have never crossed your path
I dirtied the light
Something like me should've never touched

You screamed to my face yelling
Go away
Maybe if I died will that soothe your pain?

I should grant your wish
Maybe then you will think of me more
I just hope you know that I love you
And that I'm a disgrace
I took your wings and bounded you

I know for a fact that it will heal
You beautiful wings will once again appear
Don't worry I'm nothing compared to you
My death will be nothing but a lullaby to you
I wish you good luck with life and all
I love you so much that I will fall for your part
You can fly once again that's all that matters
I would give my life to see yours fly higher

I love you so much and that does not matter
As long as you succeed in life is all that matters
So I bid you goodbye forever
Now I will forever be nothing but a forgotten memory.
Written by
     Alyssa Nichole and rose
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