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Oct 2017
Hey you!
It seems like you've forgetten
Yes, you have forgotten about me!

You've abandoned me for many years
You went away without a word
You left me at 5 years old

And I hated you...
Cursed you for all the pain that you caused
Blamed you in every adverse

I just hated you!
I've told myself that I will never forgive
Even in death I will keep the hate

But then... **** this heart!
Despite of everything
I still love you deep inside

Your memories were misery
You were never there in my agony
But still, I love you

Yes, I do... I really really do
You're still a part of me
And I'm a part of you

That's the irreversible truth...
We are forever binded in strings of blood

I could never cut loose!
This is about my mom. She left me when I was a kid and I hated her for that. But despite all the hate, somewhere deep inside me, there's still love for her. It was so hard forgiving her but in the end, I did it. I have let go of everything. Now I feel better.
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