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Oct 2017
Shrouded in darkness
In my mother's keep.
She whispers to me,
"Beauty is only skin deep."

As I twist and turn
Inside this black womb,
Light peeks in;
I'll be born soon.

Into blinding light I cry.
"A girl with sass!"
Some guy wails,
As he smacks my ***.

As my mother feeds me
Men gasp at her *******.
She holds me close,
"Don't listen to these pests."

I am small
With big bright eyes,
He sneaks in
And forces life long lies.

I am growing
Parts of me are too.
And I try to listen to mother,
But I'm falling for fools.

"When you're afraid,
Just say no."
Mother never said
A guy would refuse to let go.

Look pretty.
Blame other girls.
Blame yourself.

Things mother never said.
But when I feel threatened,
They run through my head.

A woman's worth is skin deep between her thighs.

It's something my mother would never say.
But the world has made me feel this way.
Written by
Holly  Tokyo
   River and Henry Akeru
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