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Jul 2012
Behind every book is a story,
parts may be a mystery,some pieces of the plot,
being evident at first glance,
yet many aspects are unwritten,
waiting for the pen to caress,
the paper as creativity,
escapes from the mind,
forming words flowing through,
the hand of the creator.

Each Book is original,
an expressive reflection of the author,
at first sight may appear,
as simply mundane;
perhaps the decision to explore,
the pages within a cover,
rustic in appearance,
concealing an extraordinary tale,
is an idea to ponder.

A turn of a Page,
reveals intricate  details,
depicting the facade,
blocking the view of true character,
the quirks of each line,
pullng your conscious thoughts,
into an enthralling journey.

Each Sentence units,
to become a paragraph,
of another world or being,
to discover as one obtains,
the vision of another.

Each paragraph morphing into imagery,
as one is enveloped by imagination;
others consumed by reality,
captured in elegance,
or explained through alluring charm,
one yearns to trek through,
crossing into beauty of a life,
unfamilairly touching the soul,
with an experience of an inevitable territory,
contained within the touch of humanity,
shared with one through,
the reading the passions of one's mind.

A sensation,
fullfilling one's heart,
with immense pleasure,
and extreme satisfaction.
as one dances with the spirit,
of a written legend.
Jadyn Nichole Kilmon
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