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Jul 2012
How this madness shatters me
Removes me
This scar upon my chest?
That is where the shackles rest

Hear those screams?
That detest the silence
(The cold embrace of one-sided affection.)
I am weak and frail in my Ignorances
My only strength is my persistence
And my patience
Though even now that wears thin
Uncertainty is unimaginably corrosive
To both the mind and heart

Perhaps it is dramatic,
But isn't that the purpose of it all?
Poetry I mean.
To express a feeling, or many.
In a form either simple or complex.

Insanity is doing something over and over
And expecting different results
In that sense (and probably others) I am insane
I am insane for allowing this
Even after you took his blood-stained hands
And his lies
And dropped this without thought

You 'live in the moment'
I keep forgetting
Your as fickle as the wind, ever-changing.
While I am static, and un-changing.

And you make me hate myself for values
I once cherished.
I often think stupidly
Would you notice if I vanished
Would you notice and rejoice
that your burden is gone
Or am I hopeful to think you would care
even a fraction of what I would
If the same were to happen to you.

Be still, Angel, do not fidget
Be still and know
Piece together and you might just see
(That is if you even care)
Just how much you mean to me
Written by
   Williamsji Maveli
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