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Oct 2017
hazel eyes change with mood swings
bangs cover perfect imperfections
sometimes covering tears, some happy, some sad

mind filled with everyone else's problems
no room for her own
she’s the go-to for emptying bad vibes
but never gets to empty her own

her music choices surprise many
along with her shocking opinions and thoughts
just another piece to her ******* up little puzzle

often in her little world
daydreaming and coming up with scenarios to every situation
hoping one day just one will come true

she let’s people in easily
but letting go is a whole other story
often getting hurt by people with broken promises and bad intentions
but she’ll never learn

she trusts easy
just another flaw to the list of many
shrug them away
live another day
Written by
Carly  17/F
     PoetryJournal, everly, --- and Grace Willow
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