Oct 2017
I wish I could be his lips, for they are embracing yours, not mine, tonight.
I ache to be his arms, to hold you tightly and never to let go feeling your warmth and softness.
I crave to be his eyes to look at you once more, soaking in your ethereal radiance.
I long to be his chest, to have you rest your head upon me listening to my heartbeat and soft breathing, falling asleep upon me.
I yearn to be his ears, to hear your soft and poetic words as they dance around in my head once again in that special way that only you can create.
I Miss Loving You.
A poem for a love lost to time
Longing Eternally
Written by
Longing Eternally  17/M/Northern California
(17/M/Northern California)   
     ev, Brooklyn RenΓ©, astro eyes and Jackie Mead
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