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Oct 2017
WhiskeyΒ Β coated our mouths
The first time we kissed
She devoured me,
Ate away my insides and
Replaced them with you.

Sand from the beach
Became suffocated between
Our hands the first time they touched

The ocean played me a symphony
When you brought me to her.
Every time a wave crashed
Against my body,
You pulled me closed

As our bodies became one,
The moon whispered secrets to me
While your eyes were closed

But the sun
Was bright in the morning.
She waited for me
Outside of the hotel room.
She lit my cigarette
And I felt her inside of my lungs

If I still had my insides
They would crawl out of me
Through my heart
And they would wrap around
My throat as the sun and the moon
Rocked me in their arms until
I could no longer breath
Written by
skyyy  California
   Lior Gavra and Lara
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