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Jul 2012
The addicting taste of nicotine,
it lingers in your mouth,
it says last night you've been no good,
You've spent the whole night out.
Your stomach has turned up- and down,
Your wallet was left in town.
You can't recall how you got here,
It was the best night of the year!

Telltale signs say you did fight,
you can see it 'round your eye.
You can only pray and wish,
that you didn't break and cry.
Pains and aches are everywhere,
From top to toe, and in your hair,
Last night you had no single care,
it was the best night of the year!

You met many people, made new friends,
Just like it was before.
Who knew that some chemicals,
could open such a door.
Today you choose to lay in bed,
With an everlasting aching head,
But you don't have a single regret
it was the best night ever yet!
Written by
William K Chee-awai
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