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Oct 2017
Feeling gifted when given all these prolific decisions
Of not slipping into this chemical Self-driven addiction
In addition to living a life of pure good intentions
Im tempted to super ego death In each gear conscious shifting

Where is my mind>? My thoughts are drifting
Tell me what’s time…Its not existing
Instantly pivoting Revisiting visuals
Feel me guilty physical pleasures
You should never get in it

And I come out, were dying
Scarred as a lion, Id rather be high than frying
Pause Then rewind it Realize, revise, and revive it.
Life is a ***** I smack her crack her so violent

“...but its peace happiness and love...”
seek apathy and trust that were laughing up above
**** the past cuz im done dumpin smack in my blood
pump a mag full of slugs into every fact thats touched

Witness the inexplicable explained
Metaphysics could obtain
Differentiate from who’s sane
Or astral project into planes
Master new complex ways
Do not repeat what I say
As we’re acid dreaming away

Master new complex ways
Do not repeat what I say
As we’re acid dreaming away

Saved a soul that was tainted
Replaced it through new age maintenance
If being insane’s portrayed
By complacent feelings awakened
Then come and try to comprehend
This exquisite hidden language

That’s fading from every angle
being drained by the unfaithful

Hey you,

It’s a pain to witness ignorant individuals
Who are critics to whatevers benefitting to
Anything good for u or could save u…***** keen
you know what I mean?
They hold his being, let go off me, and keep ur dopamine
“Just one more time?”
No thank u I hate u
Proceed to leave these demons deeply sinking in that grave too
You lost ur mind?
I’m stable, and able
To ease into a frequent complete appreciation of changed views

Fighting under a banner of illusion
All I can contemplate is total infusion
Of mind body and soul
To raise ourselves up outta dis self-dug hell hole

come back come back
so fast I leave ya
Mirror reflecting as the acid dreamer
come back come back
sense all that synesthesia
acid dreamer
Moving past time
If he’s lacking behind
He’s doing laps in his mind
So come back come back
I want to meet ya,
acid dreamer
worked together on this and it will be further finished. Your dreams wont stop becoming real even though you aren't here as a body.
Sasha Skelobich POSSIBLE
Written by
Sasha Skelobich POSSIBLE  Neither/My darling, I'm here.
(Neither/My darling, I'm here.)   
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