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Oct 2017
The ground looks hard and crumbed
Little water soaked up as swamp
Birds chatter and flee for food
This climactic change has done no good

Animals die as lack of vegetation
Most starve and die of malnutrition
Extinction of many, ARE WE NEXT?
Counting our paces along with the rest

The ozone depletes at a steady pace
Pollution piles up in many places
Over the news, barking of such situation
Yet just a few percent take any action

Education they say, educate to lessen pollution
So many educated, now developing poisonous solution
Natural air we breathe, is no longer pure
Air borne chrome, education digs more on cure!

"Money comes from paper, paper comes from trees
Trees give oxygen, intake carbon dioxide
Yet we destroy this natural source for money
Money gets people richer and powerful, thus
invest in making and testing new diseases on people, animals, environment. On success, then cure is also developed. Within this period, so much is lost. We are not far from extinction either...ARE WE!"
Written by
Seema  38/F/Fiji Islands
(38/F/Fiji Islands)   
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