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Oct 2017
eleven years down the drain,
no wonder i am in so much pain.
i move around and i know its hard,
but how come you never even sent me a card?
you say its my fault our friendship came to an end,
i move around too much how could we be friends?

now its clear i cared more,
i guess you left because you got bored.
what you don't understand is its ******* me too,
at least you get to keep the people you're close to.

it started with us never talking,
why wouldn't you answer?
you found a new bestfriend,
so i didn't matter.
she wore the shirt we had made with the pinky promise.

you deleted every picture with me in it,
you erased our friendship before it even ended.
were you trying to leave no trace of me?
because you succeeded.

i finally got blocked on every app that you had,
please tell me what did i do to be treated so bad?

you were supposed to grow old with me,
be my maid of honor.

now that i've lost you,
i've lost me too.
we grew up together,
there was never a me without you.
so when i lost you..
i lost me too.

who am i now?
who will i be?
i never thought you were capable of ending me..
We were best friends for almost 12 years. Moving due to parents being in the Military was the excuse she used to end it.
Written by
Maddie  16/F
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