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Oct 2017
As I inhale for yet another breath,
I realize I haven't quite gotten some rest.
Maybe it's because all I kept stressing over last night was the fact of which, you weren't safe yesterday night.
I keep myself well aware of the situations you've been involved with,
I've been attempting to get some sort of attention from you,
But I guess I'm just fitting in like everyone else,
You're just not seeing me quite right,
Maybe you put me through this nerve racking test.
I'm exhausted,
I've been waiting in this same spot for this entire time, thinking maybe just maybe you would've called.
But the only person I hear from the other end is the person specifically telling me that you're unavailable  at this time.
I feel so drowned inside,
The way you ignored my sense of effort,
The only hope I have now is for someone, anyone to guide me to a light,
Or maybe even a simple sign,
I just need you to want me - like.
But I guess I'm just not your precise right.
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