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Oct 2017
My two year sentence has come to a close. To the titanium tether I had clawed, gnawed and hissed. Only upon a simple request would my captor untie me with strong words and steady hands. Weightlessness set in like a rush of blood to the head as I drifted ashore on the raft of duct tape and raincoats scavenged from the halls of Alcatraz. On the black beaches I mark each of those I love lipstick stained red, hellos and goodbyes and silent understanding. I set off for a new life. Mausoleums echo no more with my ill willed commands but airy laughter and whispered hymns. Behind me lingers the scent of dragonsblood, my guardian angels lend a day to every hand I choose to hold. The girl who cut her fingers so that you may drink of the cactus. The steady hand in the neon night and guiding force in the silk shops of china town. My funeral will be one of low attendance and high emotion. Red evenings and ****** mysteries will stand in for a headstone. With grace and steadiness my memory will fade and with the souls of all forgotten lovers I will sleep my last sleep and rest the final rest.
Written by
Emily  21/F/Richmond VA
(21/F/Richmond VA)   
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