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Oct 2017
We learn about exothermic reactions the day after you take me home. We have been spending so much time together. We lay in bed and we sleep and we hold each other. I kiss your hand on the ride home and you smile at me. I wonder how much heat we have given up, in every encounter our bodies have made. Every time our lips touch, the heat rises between us and I can feel your breathing quicken. You’ll grab onto me and the heat goes up. I wonder as our bodies move and you kiss my neck, how much heat? Your hand moves across my skin desperate for my love, with friction always comes heat. The heat. The amount of heat between us- we could have started a million fires. I am still burning. Your fingers leave trails of ash on my flesh. Your scent stains my face and I cannot breathe from the smoke rising between us. Your eyes glow like embers and the passion increases. Your mouth kissing me desperately trying to keep it alive. Honey, what you don't know is that you don't need to try. It is there and I am here and I am looking at you. I feel the heat, I will not shake with you for you are my fire glowing in the night and I have found my way back home again.
Written by
Rhianna Powell
   Zero Nine
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