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Jul 2012
you, you cross my mind at the most inconvenient of times
for some reason you are the person i depend on most in this world
out of all my friends and family, i find comfort in you
is comfort happiness?
that i can't answer
all i know is that i feel a kinship to you, a connection;
be it romantic or platonic, familial or more, i don't know..
but i trust you and i don't know why
i feel like maybe i make sense to you
i don't to most people
i feel like maybe you make sense to me too..
but who really knows?
is it all in my head?Β Β or is my heart speaking up for itself for once?
i don't make much sense to myself anymore
but i did once, when i was with you
everything was clear then
life made sense, finally, and so did i..
i didn't make sense to a lot of other people though
but i didn't care either
it was beautiful, one of the happiest times in my life
is it possible to get back there to that place again?
could it ever be the same while being altogether different..?
(love, an ever-elusive concept)

*IMPORTANT UPDATE: the answer is no.
Earth Shine
Written by
Earth Shine  423.
   Earth Shine
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