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Oct 2017
Her emotions spill all over
on paper just like bottles
of milk being spilt on the floor

Her real self is in the mirror
while she is a miniature of
the true her being hidden
in the mirror hanging on her wall

Her tears roll down silently
like the rivers which flows
freely to every direction daily

Her oppressors oppress her daily
and she can't do anything about it
because the fear and weakness in her
won't let her face them

Now Her clock is ticking and her
real self can't stand all the
shame and disgrace these people make
her go through so because of these
her real self gets out of the mirror hanging
on her wall and gets into HER
Chidera Abaratu
Written by
Chidera Abaratu  18/F/Nigeria
       Twenty, Halcyon, Jobira, Lior Gavra, --- and 4 others
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