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Oct 2017
the word is
simple maybe three
letters and we line up
the alphabet around
a bulls eye throwing darts
in this spelling bee
which has been made
most impractical
as our hands waver
and mental acuity falls
with our punchdrunk emotion

i don't even think
this emotion is real
in the sense that it's there
although reality has rapped
on our heads enough to cause
a great deal of chaos
over a pronoun

real in the sense
in which we try to conjure
some theoretical you
into reality-- superimposing
the future onto the present
with some seminal joke
flagging its tail
in search of
a gamete

the fetus
begins to develop
and like some meme
a hand thunders down
on the "abort" button
because reality doesn't consummate
at consummation

dodging hands
with the mythical smoothness
of steven seagal
and striking without effort
against respawning enemies--
both real and imagined
and avoiding that
concussed state of mind
which makes a confusion
of my vocabulary

maybe sometimes
we want to be beat
into senselessness
just to taste ecstasy
because clarity offers only
the essential, essentially bland
taste of water-- sometimes
jazzed up with minerals
and sold to us bottled

that sugar high
or whatever it is
barely reads on the glucoseometer
and perhaps it is because
i am so steeped
in the tradition of mental aikido
that you cannot hit me--
or at least hard enough
when i invite you to

so beat me
senseless and make me
struggle with my words
as i start inventing
sometimes failingly
new words to fill in the gaps
for things i haven't felt
or known before

bruise me
beat me
degrade me
as i will you

or i will simply

beat and
degrade you.
Written by
stylesclash  28/M/USA
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