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Oct 2017
If there's any hope left
It's sewn in the edges of the stars
That sprinkle over the midnight sky
While I lay fitting perfectly
In your warm arms...

If there's any hope left
It's in the echoing sounds of the music
Dancing out of our guitars
While we strum and sing
Perfectly to the beat
Of our mending hearts...

If there's any hope left
I see it in your smile
And in the pool of your deep dark eyes
When you pull me close
Next to the cackling of the bonfire
And the sound of the gossiping woods...

If there's any hope left
I feel it in your lips
As they pull and whisper in mine
I feel it on your warm skin
As your fingers electrify my body
To spell out "I love you"
Over and over again
Till the morning wind
Blows on our fates
*And washes the hope away...
A resurrected piece that makes me think of how much has changed since the autumn season when this was written. This particular poem was a bit longer and a lot more depressing at the end so here's a sneak peek. I guess I'm back to taking over RH's account so happy writing lovelies~BM
Rebel Heart
Written by
Rebel Heart  BetweenTheBrokenWords...
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