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Oct 2017
You hated how I never listened to your music
and now I listen to it every day

I could never say the words
"I love you"
but you always said it to me anyway

I remember that copper ring you made
that was too large for my finger
so you tied it to a string and
put it around my neck

I was a wreck that day at the airport
when I had to go home
and you had to stay
and I bought you those
two stuffed animals
to keep you company
while I was away
and I should've known
I should've known
things would never be the same

You never tell me
that you miss me anymore
but I still miss you anyway

I remember those months
that we lived together
in room twelve
with the ***** dishes
and the duct taped windows
and the sour candy container
filled with your
partly smoked cigarettes

And now the silence between us
roars at me like thunder
and I'm suffocating from
that copper ring necklace
and your songs are a playlist
forever stuck on repeat
forever stuck on repeat

And I try to cover my ears
but I can't push the sound away

And I know that I can't blame you for it
but I will anyway
Written by
R  Ontario
   Lior Gavra and Ryan Holden
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