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Sep 2017
I) A Child

Though comfortably asleep
With a doll by my side,
Often I was terrified
A chimera could lurk
In the dark!

Also from a distance
When a dog bark
I saw it stark
A hyena with a
Horn was out
People to attack
Capable to pose
Its grotesque face
Behind my back.

II) A boy

Smote by
A dream object
To anxiety I was subject.
As she was
Inaccessibly beautiful
Self conscious
I couldn't be cool
"What if
Before her eyes
I prove a fool!"
Nor could I pursue
The endeavour
--winning her heart--
'Cause, topsy-turvy, to me
She turned an object of terror!

III)Β Β An adult

I was questioning myself
Whether"With my collogues,
Could I rub a shoulder?
If not better."

Compared with neighbours
Why,why and why
Financially I could not stand
Stand shoulder high?

IV) A senior citizen

Putting under a question
Mark my health,
I was beset
To lustfully inherit
My wealth
My son or wife,
Conspiring with
Heinous neighbours,
Could spell my death.

Enemies in the past,
What is more
The misdeeds of my wife ,
Which are rife,
Trailing by my mind
Bad days me remind!

OftΒ Β with an axe
To grind
My self I find.
I found true what I learnt in developmental psychology.
Written by
Alem Hailu GKristos  Ethiopia
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