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Jul 2012
no-one stays the same
we all just simply wait
for the change to move over our way
whether it's others leaving us
or we are moving on
we all have to change and someone keep on


like it's not killing us inside
it's a challenge especially when the world demands that we

hide it

because now pain is weakness
the hurt inside cannot pierce through the tough exoskeleton

a pre-requisite to life is the knowledge that everybody leaves

a mother leaves her child, whether by choice or by chance
a husband leaves his wife for a younger girl instead
a soldier leaves his country, because he is treated like a misfit

why does no-one fight it?
can no-one see a way?
or is it the "I am one and that's not enough" belief striking again?
99 is NOT 100
it will never be
so fight the change to keep the world the way that it should have been

but keep in mind, not to limit others
don't force them to stay still
for others than yourself, are important too
when someone tries to leave you, let them go with kindness
and if they try to keep you once they're gone
well, it means they never left you

this is far too long a poem
but to short to fit in what to say
in the coda of this verse, I will try to explain
that though everyone leaves for a time, some will always remain
in your heart and your mind
you'll never be alone when you find a friend who will do the same
no caps lock letters because they always intimidate me, and this is meant to be very gentle.
Eliza Jane
Written by
Eliza Jane  australia
   Reece AJ Chambers
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