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Sep 2017
I went to that party looking as best as I can
Waited for your eyes to look in my direction
But they went over like I was air
That I went to the bathroom and just stared
I saw the scars I tried my hardest to hide
The tiger marks I have going down my sides
The ones on my arms telling me I stretched too much
Because the last guy before you said I had to or I wasn't enough
I gained so much to please him with my figure
That it just went back at me
When I look in the mirror
The sight of beauty that I wish I still had
He robbed it from me when he said he didn't like that
The look in your eyes made me feel just the same
Because I wasn't even worthy to hear you say my name
But then I looked down and just saw a glance
That worthy of beauty wasn't worth giving you a chance
I was better than you thought
And could please you even more
I worth more than a million
More than you can earn
I saw my marks
And it proved I just tried so I won't date let another one make me swallow my pride
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