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Sep 2017
What is the point of a game?
Ask yourself
To win? To have fun? No point at all?

We all play the game
Simply for different choices
Without a choice, we must play.

Press start
Take 18 to 21 minutes to learn how to play
Maybe less
You might give up before 18
Sad right? It happens.

Tutorial ends, time to play

Take the next 60 minutes to actually play
Maybe less
Again, some may give up before the end
Maybe the power cuts off
Forced to stop playing

Game ends, how'd you play?
Did you try to earn the most money?
Did you play and just have fun?
Did you spend it teaching other people how to play?

I just finished learning how to play,
I choose to have fun and enjoy the game.
How do you want to play the game we call life?
I've always lived life thinking I had to go to school, get a degree and work a 9 to 5. The idea never made me happy. In my life I want, happy memories, minimal regrets, and a thousand stories. Regardless of how short its cut. Now im making a career in MMA which makes me happy.
Written by
Jose H
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